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Phoenix Holidays Morocco offers arrange of personalized and high level services to meet the various requirements of our clients. Thanks to the efficiency and capabilities of the company’s staff and its broad network, from the moment clients land on Egyptian soil until the moment they take off –every little detail throughout our clients’ stay is smoothly taken care of. With our long experience in Moroccan tourism, has successfully handled special interest tours for a variety of groups including physicians, agriculturists, architects, lawyers, archeology buffs, religious pilgrims and educational professionals. Our experts cater to each group's special needs and advise itineraries that complement the uniqueness of each group.

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  • We believe that we can offer our clients the best of worlds high and flexible service.
  • We aim to provide a highly personalised service without sacrificing the quality our customers expect.

We guarantee

  • Full Assitance from Arrival to Departure.
  • 24h/24h support for immediate solution of issues
  • Flexibility in Last Minutes Amendments


  • No extra costs included.
  • Best Price in the market.
  • Low commissioned offers .

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What Our Customers Say?

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